Hop High by Aeronautical Pionee

  • Aeronautical Pioneer - Hop High

Hop High by Aeronautical Pionee


Aeronautical Pioneer is Jesse Reaux and Kieran McIntosh. Jesse - half of the duo of singing/songwriting siblings that lead Americana band The Rayo Brothers - contributes here with gently drawling lead vocals, banjo, and guitar. Kieran adds atmosphere on electronic percussion, aggressive synths, spacey electric guitar, distorted drum loops, and anything else the duo can dream up.

"Hop High", like all of the band’s repertoire, is inspired by songs and characters with roots ranging from British folk ballads of the 17th and 18th century, to songs sung in the mountains and fields of the American South in the 1800's, to present day songwriting icons like John Prine and Steve Earle. Aeronautical Pioneer puts these influences in a space vehicle and launches them into a galaxy of electronic soundscapes.
released January 24, 2020
Jesse Reaux - vocals and banjo
Kieran McIntosh - guitar, synths, background vocals

Kieran McIntosh - engineering, mixing
Tony Daigle - mastering

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