Harp + Drums + Bass + Samples : 'e.g., Rhapsodic' by Shakespeare & The Blues 15 September 2021

Featuring Cassie Watson Francillon on concert harp, Smith on drums and electronics and Webre (Lost Bayou Ramblers and Michot’s Melody Makers) on bass and electronics, Shakespeare & the Blues makes instrumental experimental music drawing on Jazz and Hip Hop influences.

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The songs on e.g,rhapsodic are uninhibited explorations of genre blending, tied together by futurist grooves and virtuosic syncopating. They are composed around a startling selection of samples and soundbytes enmeshed in the trio’s visionary instrumental experimentation.

Shakespeare & The Blues originated from an improve performance in New Orleans, and found it's way to Piety Studios at Nina Hwy in Henderson, Louisiana, where the band self-produced this instrumental sonic submersion of an LP.